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S3 Episode 4- Fahood A Real Hero

Fahood is learning an important lesson. His mother is trying to help him overcomes his anger problem.let’s listen to this story.This story is written by Nour Arab, illustrated by Nidal Al-Buzom andpublished by Nour publishing.nourpublishing...

S3 Episode 2- Friends Forever

Fahood and Rashood are best friends. But one day, they had an argument! Who tired to fix the problem? Do they eventually learn that sharing is caring?Listen to this story coming out next week! This story is written by Nour Arab, illustrated by Nidal...

Episode 14 Nadeem’s Shoes

Nadeem was nervous when he went with his mom to by a new shoes.The Story is written by Abeer Al-Tahir, illustrated by Adeeb Ma’aki and published by Dar Alyasmine .

*All necessary permissions are taken from the publisher of this book*

Episode 12- I Will Never Give Up!

International Childhood Cancer DayRashad discovered that he had cancer . What was his reaction? how did he overcome all kinds of emotions and difficulties? The story is written by Dr. Antwan Alshartoni and Illustrated by Lujaina Alaseel, and...

Episode 11- The Ugly Duckling

The little duckling  could not find anyone to play with him but, what a pleasant surprise is waiting for him! The story is retold by Margaret Nash , illustrated by Elisabeth Moseng and published by  Arab Scientific Publishers All...

Episode 10 – Chin Chin Needs Charging

Playing video games is fun! But, Chin Chin discovered a whole new world of more exciting tasks! The Book is written by Rania AlKilani, illustrated by Ibrahim Al3walma and published by Madarek for publishing Please write a review by visiting alnqsh...

Episode 7- My Rooftop

In a rainy night ,we hear strange sounds but this one is different! who can guess what was that sound?The Story is written by Abeer Al-Tahir, illustrated by  Ali Amro and published by Dar Alyasmine . Please write a review by visiting

Episode 6 – Majid’s Adventures

Majid loves to draw  but could not explain to his friends his picture. What was the reason ?This story is written by Fatima Anwar Allawati, illustrated by 3’eesa Na3’ma and published by Asala publishers. Please write a review by...

Episode 4 – The Newborn

Being a big sister or a brother is very exciting and full of surprises!It is normal to have many emotions when adding a sibling to the family. How does Yasmine navigate these emotions? Listen to the story to find out.The Story is written by Abeer Al...