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TagAccepting differences Arabic books for kids

Episode 11- The Ugly Duckling

The little duckling  could not find anyone to play with him but, what a pleasant surprise is waiting for him! The story is retold by Margaret Nash , illustrated by Elisabeth Moseng and published by  Arab Scientific Publishers All...

Episode 25 – The Hen That Does Not Lay Eggs

Did you hear about a hen that does not lay eggs?! “Khawkha “ the red hen offered her help to other birds at the farm. What kind of help did she offer?A Funny story written by “Abeer Al-Tahir“ and Illustrated by Husain Sonmezay , The story is...

Episode 8 – The Strange One

  The teacher introduces a strange girl as the new student in class! Who is the girl? What is her name? Written by Shikha Alziyara and illustrated by Nabila Shishikli.The story is from Asala Publishers . Did you enjoy this book? We would love...

Episode 4 – The Migrating Cat

Why did the cat leave her town? Did she find another place to call home? Who did she meet along this difficult journey?The story is written by Jaiker Khorsheed, illustrated by Bara’a Alawoor and published by Asala Publishers. Did you enjoy...